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One of a Kind

Utility Sentry is a one of a kind, web-based utility management service that monitors and displays daily usage of water, gas, and electric sub meter utilities in 24 hour periods. Undetected, utility issues can increase daily utility usage by as much as 1,000%, and can go unnoticed for months! It’s an unfortunate and unnecessary expense most properties and owners have experienced at some point.  The constant daily monitoring of your sub-metered utilities through Utility Sentry provides a PREVIOUSLY NON-EXISTENT advantage in understanding and controlling your utility costs, while alerting you to unknown losses in your sub-metered utilities. 


How We Do It

By integrating with existing AMR sub-meter systems on the market, Utility Sentry has eliminated the need for other proprietary utility monitoring services. In partnering with Microsoft and utilizing the Azure platform we provide daily meter data from the AMR systems that was previously unavailable to ownership and management. This partnership gives us the ability to compile daily meter usage data across a client's entire portfolio and make that data work for them. 


How It Works For You

Utility Sentry's innovative service gives management and owners the ability to truly manage utility usage and costs like never before. Here a just a few benefits of using Utility Sentry. 

- Monitor utilities daily and effectively make changes to reduce    consumption.

- Set daily thresholds and receive email alerts when usage exceeds your set    thresholds. 

- Stop unintentional usage before it has a chance to accumulate over days

   or even months.

- Potentially reduce overall utility expenses by as much as 25% when used as    designed in conjunction with proper maintenance practices.

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Microsoft Solution Case Study

Utility Sentry patent pending technology consolidates utility data from apartment complexes, office buildings, and hotels to provide greater insight into water, electricity, and gas usage. The data is stored in a Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and corporate property groups can use it to reduce operating costs and improve budgeting. They can analyze the utility data for their entire portfolio of properties on a single cloud-based website. Utility Sentry can also generate alerts to have property managers investigate potential issues such as water leaks.

                 Centralize Massive Property Utility Data Management and Analysis in the Cloud

“Utility Sentry grabs meter data on a daily basis and pushes it to an Azure database so that corporate has a centralized location to see how their properties are using utilities as a whole. Corporate no longer has to reach out to each of its properties for utilities information. We have completely automated what was a time-consuming manual task.”

                                                                                                                             Jason Cribbet, Founder, Webbed Frog

                                            Click below to read the entire Microsoft Case Study. 


Microsoft Case Study

Microsoft-AZURE CaseStudy (pdf)