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Why Do Hotels Need to Manage Utilities?

Hotel companies have a strong commercial imperative for addressing water use. Cost is an obvious factor: on average water accounts for 10% of utility bills in many hotels. Most hotels pay for the water they consume twice – first by purchasing fresh water and then by disposing of it as waste water. With over 17 million hotel rooms throughout the world, they fall prey to the same issues facing residential consumers. In many cases, hotels may generate greater waste since many remain unoccupied more frequently. If they are occupied, most occupants do not pay attention or notify the on-site staff of water leaks due to the short extent of their stay. If the following percentages, based off of case study savings, are applied to just the hotel industry, the resulting savings can be tremendous:

- 1%            290 Million gallons of water per year savings

- 10%         2.9 Billion gallons of water per year savings

- 25%         7.26 Billion gallons of water per year savings

- 50%         14.5 Billion gallons of water per year savings

- 100%      290 Billion gallons of water per year savings

Calculation: percentage * (case study yearly savings / case study units) * 17 million hotel rooms

your new water concierge

Custom Point of Use System


 With our innovative Point of Use water monitoring system specifically designed for hotels, you can View, Monitor and Review Alerts from any computer or smartphone in your hotel or off site. All devices can easily be installed by your own maintenance staff and does not require plumbers or permitting*.    

Daily Monitoring of Utilities


 Utility Sentry starts you off with a property landing page with detailed cumulative breakdowns of each fixture in each room which you have installed monitoring devices. From here, you can set alert thresholds to activate the alert logging and alert email service. Now your maintenance staff can take care of these issues daily, increasing your bottom line and providing your guests with a quieter experience.